Taking The Union To New Lows

Taking a look at the sickest Honda S2000 on the streets of Las Vegas, NV Phil’s done one cracking job with turning one of the best sports cars into an even better one!
With his Suzuka Blue S2000 only one word comes to mind and thats Dope! I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say he’s cracked it at making a classy ride.

Phil’s ride is only sitting millimetres off the ground at the front this guy knows what SCRAPING is.

Fitted With:
Matte White
Work Emotion XD9′s
18×9 +22 -3* F w/215/35/18
18×10 +13 -6* R w/235/35/18
Stance gr+ Coilovers

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4 Responses to Taking The Union To New Lows

  1. Benny says:

    Flared Rear Arch Looks So Nice

  2. Marc moss says:

    That’s well cool love the stickerbombed lip too

  3. mmMm i love s2ks! phils and jons are def one of the sickest s2ks!

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